All Trust News

  • KS3 Print in the Royal Pump Room Harrogate

    8th June 2017 - The Grove Academy

    KS3 pupils had an amazing experience working with the artist, Helen Peyton.   She is the artist in residence at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield.  They had a tour of the museum and were especially interested in the mummy and the sulphur water.

    The pupils used ideas from the exhibition of railway posters from the 1950’s.   They were taught how to mono print, used a proof press with the block prints and then experimented with polystyrene printing.

    We are very grateful to the Pump Room for holding this workshop

  • Congratulations to 3SK

    8th June 2017 - Serlby Park Academy


    We are delighted to announce that every pupil in 3SK has achieved bronze award by reading the first six books on the reading challenge and celebrated with a chocolate cake from the library.

    Well done everyone and keep on reading!


  • Rotary Club Art Competition

    7th June 2017 - Macaulay Primary Academy

    For three weeks, art work created by our children has been on display at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. On Wednesday 7th June, we attended the Rotary Club Art Competition Award Ceremony at the Town Hall. During the ceremony, each child was awarded a trophy and certificate for their hard work, which was handed out by the Mayor. In addition to this, we also received two sheilds and a trophy! These were awarded to:

    Emily Bown - Presidents award.

    Victoria Powner - Foundation award.

    Llynden Broadbent - KS1 aw


    7th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    One of our caring and dedicated Year 11 students, Imogen Oates, is currently undertaking a fundraising campaign for Cancer Research UK. Inspired by family and friends who have and are battling cancer, Imogen is aiming to walk 10,000 steps every day in the month of June, in order to raise at least £30 for the charity.

    If you would like to support Imogen in her fundraising, please follow the link below – every little bit will help, and if you do decide to donate please also check the ‘Gift Aid’ option, as it w

  • Battle of Britain - Art

    7th June 2017 - The Elland Academy
    In Art we are producing a diorama (model & scenery) based on the Battle of Britain (77th anniversary). The students have been learning about this important part of British history and have been producing their own 1940's news papers, painting and are now building model Spitfires and ground crew. When the diorama is finished they are then producing a proposal and sending it to many different venues (Leeds Museum, Leeds Discovery Centre, Royal Armouries, etc) to secure a space to exhibit it.
    The students invo
  • Clarification regarding study leave for Y11

    7th June 2017 - Don Valley Academy

    The Academy has revision sessions in place until Friday 16th June.  All students have been provided with the revision timetable,  a further copy is attached. These revision sessions are targeted at the examination for the following day. If these sessions are not relevant for the student (they are not taking that exam) or they prefer to study at home please advise the Academy that they will be starting their study leave to prevent phone calls home regarding missing students.

    Students must be in full school un


    7th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    Mr Bullock will be running four golf sessions at the Kingswood Golf Centre, starting on Wednesday 21st June 2017, for four weeks as part of Enrichment. There is a limit of 10 students each week, so if you are interested in golf and would like to attend, please see Mr Bullock urgently.

  • Science In A Suitcase

    7th June 2017 - Kingston Park Academy

    This week the children had the opportunity to explore the world of science. They took part in lots of fun experiments and activities throughout the day including learning about the science behind bubbles, 3D illusions and magnetic sculptures. Niamh Russell in Year 2 said “My favourite activity was when we had to shake a bottle with coffee beans and an egg in it to see if the egg would come to the top”, this was part of the gravity experiment.



  • Well done Penguins class!

    7th June 2017 - Estcourt Primary Academy

    Well done to our Year1 class Penguins on 100% with no Lates this week!



    6th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    Congratulations to our May Top Form Attendance Winners! They will be having a day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Monday 26th June. Thank you to all form tutors and learning managers who have helped promote and encourage the May competition.

    YEAR 7   MWI

    YEAR 8   HDO

    YEAR 9   VWR

    YEAR 10 AGR

    Special mention goes out to 8HDO & 10AGR who have so far been the highest attending forms since the rewards competitions started in March.


    6th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    Following the athletics trials that were held before half term, the students below have been selected to represent Doncaster in the South Yorkshire Athletics Championships on Saturday, 10th June at the Keepmoat.

    William Wood year 7 Ball Throw and Long Jump

    Ender Elik year 7 Long Jump

    Luke Lyon year 9 100m

    Tyler White year 10 100m & 200m

    Jake Bellwood year 9 200m & 400m

    All of our students performed extremely well and were a credit to the academy.

    -  Mrs Allott


    6th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    On Wednesday 7th June 2017, our Year 11 students will be having a Maths Drop-down Day. The sessions will be as follows:

    S-band: Periods 1 and 2

    R-band: Periods 4 and 5

    For further details, please see your Maths teacher or Mr Wilkinson.

  • Circus Skills

    6th June 2017 - Whetley Academy

    Year 4 had an amzing day learning new skills from the Circus.

  • Balance Bike Training

    6th June 2017 - Kingston Park Academy

    Our Foundation and Year 1 children had fun on balance bikes this week as part of their bikeability training. “We got to ride around the hall on bikes” said Jack Layden, it was really good added Lilly Weatherall both in FS2.

    They are all really looking forward to their second session next week.


  • Beamish Year 4/5

    6th June 2017 - Willows Academy

    Despite the appalling weather, KS2 had a fabulous time at Beamish. Year 6 went down the mine to find out what life was life working in those dark, damp and dangerous conditions. Year 4/5 had hands on experience of being a working child in Victorian times and Year 3/4 found out, that the Victorian classroom is not an easy place to be for a small child! The children were an absolute credit to the school and even though they were wet and cold, they smiled throughout the day!