Assistant Principal with responsibility for Key Stage 2

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  • Kingston Park Academy
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  • Required for January 2020
    Application Closes: 30/09/2019
    Interview Date: To be confirmed
    Job Length: Permanent
  • Weeks of work: 39
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 32.5
  • Post: Assistant Principal with responsibility for Key Stage 2
    Salary: 1 - £39,965.00 to 5 - £44,106.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Head of Academy
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

  • Required to start January 2020 or earlier if possible;
  • To deputise for the Head of Academy in their absence;
  • To be part of the Senior Leadership Team of the academy and work within KS2;
  • To provide proactive support to the Executive Principal, Head of Academy and EAB members to ensure that the leadership and management of the academy operates at the most effective level possible;
  • To undertake the monitoring of provision, inclusion and achievement for pupils within KS2;
  • To be a highly effective classroom practitioner that will model outstanding practice across KS2.


To contribute to the work of the Senior Leadership Team in accordance with the requirements set out by the Executive Principal and Head of Academy. In particular you will be required to play an active part to:

  • Ensure the academy achieves the objectives / targets set out in the Academy Development Plan;
  • Deliver the academy objectives in relation to its community links;
  • Lead KS2;
  • Monitor, track and evaluate the standards, achievement and progress of all pupils in KS2, including vulnerable groups;
  • Monitor, track and evaluate the standards and achievement for all pupils receiving interventions;
  • Support the activity of the academy as a member of Delta Academies Trust;
  • Constantly promote the personal development of all staff and participate in the work of the academy to achieve this;
  • Participate in development, management activities and research;
  • Contribute to the initiation and development of teaching and learning;
  • Promote equal opportunities at all levels of academy activity.


We expect you to:


  • Be flexible and innovative;
  • Provide depth to the leadership team and assist with the management of the academy on a day to day basis but particularly when other members of the Senior Leadership Team are absent or working outside the academy;
  • Contribute to the development of the leadership and management of the academy via the Senior Leadership Team meetings;
  • Play an active part in the monitoring of the quality of teaching and learning across the academy;
  • Put ‘pupils first’ in everything you do.







We will provide you with:


  • The opportunity to experience a comprehensive range of leadership and management situations;
  • The opportunity ‘to shadow’ and work closely with other members of the Senior Leadership Team;
  • Support, mentoring and coaching in the roles / duties you are asked to perform;
  • Constructive and regular feedback on your performance;
  • A wide range of experiences to develop / enhance your management and leadership competencies.


Job Specification


Knowledge, skills and experience required for the post :


  1. a) Leadership skills
  • An innovative leader with a clear understanding of current educational policy;
  • An existing or aspiring middle leader with a proven track record;
  • An enthusiastic leader, committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for pupils;
  • Someone with the ability to motivate and develop staff whom they lead.b) Communication skills
  • A commitment to working positively with all academy staff and pupils;
  • An excellent communicator who is at ease with all members of the academy community.c) Experience and knowledge
  • An ability to drive and deliver projects on an academy-wide basis;
  • Experience of leadership in KS2.d) Management of finance, HR and resource
  • The ability to motivate staff to ensure high performance;
  • The ability to translate a visionary/innovative concept into a practical implementation plan.e) Personal attributes
  • An ability to use the full range of leadership skills and qualities including emotional intelligence as appropriate to the situation;
  • Someone who is resilient and determined but can also provide support and demonstrate empathy;
  • A personal commitment to inclusion and diversity to ensure the maximum benefits for pupils and staff;
  • A strong commitment to personal development for all staff including yourself.

Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • A teaching qualification together with qualified teacher status (QTS) (C)
  • Knowledge of teaching, learning and assessment at KS2
  • A good understanding of recent curriculum developments and initiatives in primary and their impact in the academy
  • An understanding of the use of data to assess and inform teaching and learning and target appropriate intervention
  • Experience of dynamic and successful team leadership at middle leader/senior leader level
  • Experience of leading and implementing strategies which have ensured high standards of student achievement
  • An excellent classroom practitioner that can model best practice
  • A passion for learning
  • Excellent organisational and personal management skills
  • Effective planning and teaching
  • Effective behaviour/classroom management
  • An ability to demand high standards
  • An ability to work independently and be a team player
  • An ability to develop and support other staff to develop a variety of teaching strategies
  • An ability to enthuse and direct students and staff towards raising expectations and levels of achievement
  • An ability to meet deadlines
  • An understanding of self-evaluation
  • Strong ICT skills
  • A commitment to both self and team development
  • Be able to take the initiative
  • Be able to make difficult decisions and relay these effectively
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be reliable and able to maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Be resilient and determination for success
  • To work in a way which promotes equality of opportunity, participation, diversity and responsibility.
  • A commitment to abide by and promote the academy’s Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Child Protection Policies
  • The post holder will require an enhanced DBS (C)


  • Comprehensive knowledge of performance management requirements in an education setting
  • Experience of leading, developing and enhancing the teaching practice of other staff