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  • Darton
  • Required for January 2019
    Application Closes: 01/10/2018
    Interview Date: Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October 2018
    Job Length: Permanent
  • Weeks of work: 38
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 32.5
  • Post: Principal
    Salary: 33 - £85,578.00 to 39 - £99,080.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

To provide leadership and strategic direction to the academy and the wider educational community by ensuring the provision of high quality teaching and learning; high standards and high expectations of students, staff and the community; developing, delivering and commissioning innovative proactive and service for students; developing collaborative links with other academies, schools and the wider education community; and developing a world class workforce to provide the best possible educational opportunity to students.



  • To have overall responsibility for the strategic management and operational activity of the Academy.
  • To ensure the vision for the Academy is in line with the Trust’s vision, clearly articulated, shared, understood and acted upon effectively by all staff.
  • To demonstrate the vision and values of the Trust in everyday work and practice.
  • To provide enthusiastic, innovative and consistent leadership to the Academy and its leadership team.
  • To motivate and work with all stakeholders to create a shared culture and positive climate for all.
  • To work positively with the community to ensure the best possible outcomes for students.
  • To implement rigorous and sustainable policies and strategies in order to transform the outcome for students at the Academy.
  • To ensure that students are healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve maximum potential, achieve economic and personal well-being once they leave the Academy.
  • To develop the reputation of the Academy, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • To service and support the Academy Advisory Body and obtain legal advice on their behalf when necessary.
  • To act as an ex-officio member of the Academy Advisory Body.
  • To introduce appropriate innovation in line with educational developments and management best practice in a rapidly changing environment.
  • To ensure that strategic planning takes account of the diversity, values and experience of the Academy and its wider community including other academies in the Trust.
  • To contribute to the development of the Trust’s policies and procedures.


Teaching and Learning

  • To ensure that the curriculum is both fit for purpose and provides an opportunity for children and young people to make progress irrespective of their starting points.
  • To encourage and promote innovation in educational provision through the commissioning and delivery of services, ensuring that the Academy can meet changing needs and demands consistent with government guidelines and requirements.
  • To ensure that high quality provision is available to all students regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, economic background or special educational needs.
  • To develop a culture where students feel safe, confident and can attain their maximum educational outcomes.
  • To maximise the opportunities for all students through continuous Academy-wide focus on students’ achievement, using data and benchmarks to monitor progress in every child’s learning.
  • To ensure high quality teaching is at the heart of strategic planning and resource management.
  • To establish creative, responsive and effective approaches to teaching and learning.
  • To work closely with the Directors of Subject on developing higher attainment in the Trust.
  • To empower students to take an active part in their own learning and to take personal responsibility for improving their future opportunities and educational experience.
  • To implement strategies which secure high standards of behaviour and attendance.
  • To monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and standards of learning and achievement.
  • To establish an Academy culture which promotes aspiration within the school community and celebrates success and achievement.
  • To challenge underperformance at all levels and ensure effective corrective action, support and review.
  • To build an effective partnership with parents and the wider community to support and enhance the achievement and personal development of all students.


Developing Self and Working with Others

  • To treat people fairly, equitably and with dignity and respect to create and maintain a positive culture.
  • To build a collaborative learning culture within the Academy and actively engage with other academies in the Trust.
  • To develop and maintain effective strategies and procedures for staff induction, professional development and performance management in line with agreed local and national policy and procedures.
  • To ensure effective planning, allocation, support and evaluation of work undertaken by teams and individuals, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and responsibilities.
  • To develop and maintain a culture of high expectations for self and others.


Finance, Personnel and Resources

  • To ensure the effective management and financial sustainability of the Academy.
  • To create a structure which reflects the Academy’s values and enables the supporting systems structures and processes to work effectively and in line with legal requirements.
  • To produce and implement clear, evidence-based improvement plans and policies for development of the Academy.
  • To work in partnership with the Core School Improvement Team in the management of finance and human resources to achieve goals and priorities.
  • To manage the setting of annual performance management targets for senior staff and review progress against them in line with agreed policy and procedures.
  • To oversee the implementation of a robust performance management framework across the Academy in line with the Trust’s vision and goals.
  • To manage and organise the Academy environment effectively in liaison with the Core School Improvement Team.
  • To promote and develop a safe working practice culture to ensure staff and students are supported and safe.
  • To ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with legal requirements and regulations and that policies and procedures are consistent with ‘best practice’ and recognised codes of probity.
  • To recruit, manage and motivate a committed, effective and diverse workforce that understands its roles and enables and promotes high quality learning.
  • To ensure that all resources are organised and managed to provide the best possible outcomes for students.
  • To ensure that development of positive solutions to achieving diversity, dignity and equality in all aspects of service delivery and engagement with the broader community.


Securing Accountability

  • To develop a collective ethos in the Academy and its wider partnership which enables everyone to work collaboratively, share best practice, celebrate success and accept responsibility for outcomes.
  • To ensure individual staff accountabilities and responsibilities are clearly defined, communicated, understood and agreed and are subject to a robust and rigorous review and evaluated in accordance with statutory performance management policy and procedures.
  • To work with the Trust’s Directors and the Core School Improvement Team, provide objective advice and support to the Academy Advisory Body to enable them to meet their responsibilities.
  • To develop and implement a suitable quality assurance system in collaboration with the Core School Improvement Team.
  • To present a clear, coherent and accurate account of performance to a range of audiences including the Trust’s Directors, the Academy Advisory Body, parents and carers.
  • To promote the status and the ethos of the Trust with all stakeholders.


Strengthening Community

  • To promote and develop a culture and curriculum which takes account of the richness and diversity of the community and celebrates the differences.
  • To create and promote positive strategies for challenging discrimination.
  • To collaborate with other agencies to provide a holistic approach to the well-being of staff, students and their families.
  • To create and maintain effective partnerships with parents and carers to support and improve the opportunities for all students and their communities.
  • To co-operate with relevant agencies to ensure communities are safe environments where students and their families have opportunities to thrive.


The expectations of the Chief Executive Officer and Directors of the Trust are that the Principal will work to the professional duties set out in the STPCD. This job description is not prescriptive, nor necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. As such, it may be subject to amendment, after consultation, to meet the changing needs of the Academy/Trust. There is an expectation that all Principals appointed to the Trust could be asked to work in any of our academies.


Post holders will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a Senior Leader to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in the job description.


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e.g. This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy

Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • Graduate with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) (C)
  • Achieved NPQH
  • Existing or aspiring Principal with a proven track record of managing change quickly and effectively
  • Ability to drive and deliver transformational and cultural change
  • Clear understanding of what constitutes a good school and what needs to be done to make it outstanding
  • Deep knowledge and clear understanding of educational legislation, new innovation and developments
  • Proven ability to successfully manage all resources effectively
  • Ability to motivate staff to ensure high performance
  • Ability to translate a visionary/innovative concept into a practical implementation plan
  • Comprehensive knowledge of performance management requirements in an educational context
  • An excellent classroom practitioner with the highest expectations for the welfare and progress of all students
  • Have a thorough understanding of curriculum development
  • Experience of monitoring and improving the quality of teaching and learning
  • Proven experience in the analysis of performance data for the purposes of target setting and evaluation
  • Have experience of strategic planning
  • Innovative leadership skills with a clear understanding of education opportunity and how this can be translated into practical reality
  • Outstanding, collaborative leader with the ability to forge positive relationships in order to promote the success of the academy
  • Enthusiastic leader, committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for students and the community the academy serves
  • Ability to build a sustainable workforce of high quality staff and leaders
  • Able to provide clear direction and shared purpose for all students, staff and stakeholders
  • Able to work positively with all stakeholders and partners
  • Excellent communicator who is at ease with all stakeholders but particularly with students and parents
  • Very strong negotiation skills and the ability to influence others to the benefit of the academy
  • Ability to use the full range of leadership skills and qualities including emotional intelligence as appropriate to the situation
  • Enthusiastic and motivational leader with strong morale building skills
  • Ability to drive forward change very often in challenging circumstances
  • Resilient and determined but can also provide support, demonstrate empathy and deal with staff in a sensitive and considerate manner
  • Committed to inclusion and diversity to ensure the maximum benefits for students and equality in employment and service delivery matters
  • Able to provide clear direction and shared purpose for students, staff and stakeholders
  • Committed to personal development for all staff including themselves
  • Committed to abide by and promote the Academy’s Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Child Protection Policies
  • Committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people
  • The post holder will require an enhanced DBS (C)


  • Hold AST or Excellent Teacher Status
  • Achieved NPQH