Assistant Site Supervisor - Secondary

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  • Don Valley Academy
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  • Required for October 2018
    Application Closes: 22/10/2018
    Interview Date: TBC
    Job Length: Permanent
  • Post Is Part Time
    Weeks of work: 52
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 37
  • Post: Assistant Site Supervisor - Secondary
    Salary: C 12 - £17,173.00 to C 16 - £18,319.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Principal, Site Manager, HR Manager
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

To play an active role in ensuring the academy’s physical environment is safe, warm, clean and welcoming to all who work in, learn at and visit the academy. To work as part of a team and using their own initiative, working flexibly in their approach and able to communicate effectively at all levels. To ensure the security and safekeeping of the academy premises, facilities and property including key holder responsibility.



  • To unlock and open up the academy premises/facilities and check for intruders/vandalism
  • To undertake regular and routine security checks and site inspections to identify any risks/issues, respond to any security concerns, demonstrate a physical presence on site, removing any debris, recording damage and enable repairs to be reported and undertaken
  • To respond to alarm systems where appropriate
  • To assist in the management of site security equipment (e.g. CCTV) to ensure the premises are continually monitored, appropriate protocols observed and records maintained
  • To liaise with Police when necessary
  • To secure the academy premises/facilities at the end of the day and set the intruder alarm system
  • To patrol the car parks at regular intervals during peak periods of night time activities


Health and Safety


  • To undertake weekly checks of the fire alarm klaxons
  • To ensure the safe storage of all equipment and materials used to clean and maintain the academy
  • To promptly respond to requests/situations requiring emergency cleaning and basic maintenance to make safe, repair or maintain the fabric of the building, facilities or equipment
  • To assist in providing safe and secure access to allocated areas in order to facilitate learning, community use and utility or emergency service activity, ensuring the safe and secure conduct of their activities




  • To monitor, inspect and check the site services (e.g. heating and boilers, water, gas, telecommunications and security) to ensure they are functioning efficiently, cleaning as appropriate, and highlighting/reporting any areas of concern or variance to ensure appropriate service is maintained
  • To remove litter and graffiti from the academy grounds
  • To regularly inspect and report on the internal and external fabric and grounds, and take or recommend appropriate action
  • To ensure that the academy’s toilet facilities are well maintained and always stocked with the necessary sanitary equipment
  • To empty external waste bins
  • To undertake appropriate repairs (e.g. redecorating and fixing)
  • To undertake minor/simple repairs (e.g. plumbing, changing light bulbs, unblocking drains)
  • To promptly respond to requests/situations requiring minor repair/maintenance work and facilitate specialist equipment service and repair
  • To deal with requests/situations at such times when lettings frequent the academy premises
  • To ensure compliance with service or maintenance schedules, monitor performance and identify areas of concern, making full use of the academy’s health and safety system (e.g. ‘Every’) for logging / reporting jobs
  • To provide assistance with ordering, arranging and accepting delivery of materials and equipment
  • To ensure furniture, materials and equipment are available, stored and safe and in good repair prior to and on completion of use
  • To ensure that visiting contractors and other suppliers / companies carry out their duties with due regard and respect for the academy premises, property and people




  • To unlock facilities as appropriate for use by external organisations
  • To supervise the lettings of the academy facilities to external organisations
  • To ensure appropriate use of facilities by external organisations
  • To secure facilities and academy premises once the external organisations have left the site




  • To comply with Health and Safety policies and procedures at all times
  • To promote and ensure the health and safety of students, staff and visitors at all times
  • To contribute to the overall ethos/aims of the academy
  • To treat all users of the academy with courtesy and consideration
  • To monitor students general conduct and behaviour and intervene to resolve routine issues using appropriate techniques and skills to restore a safe and calm atmosphere conducive to learning and ensuring the wellbeing and safety of students, staff and visitors
  • To engage immediate assistance from senior colleagues in the event of serious incidents, or in extreme cases the emergency services, to provide an appropriate response to restore a calm and safe atmosphere conducive to learning
  • To attend meetings as required and participate in training as appropriate


To undertake other reasonable duties (with competence and experience) as requested, in accordance with the changing needs of the organisation.


Personal Contacts


External:              contractors, utility providers, emergency services, suppliers, parents/carers and members of the public

Internal:               students, staff, parents, AAB members and any other visitors to the academy


This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the academy.

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e.g. This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy

Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • Minimum of GCSE grade C, or equivalent, in both English and Maths (A/I/C)
  • Good understanding of the operational practices, working methods, quality standards, security issues, work schedules and priorities related to a full range of site facilities services. (I)
  • Understanding of the relevant regulatory procedures and an awareness of the more complex issues impacting on site services (I)
  • Good understanding of the issues associated with Health and Safety and site security (I)
  • Basic building and grounds maintenance skills and the ability to undertake routine maintenance and repair or make safe in an emergency (I)
  • Understanding of order processing and stockholding procedures (I)
  • Ability to maintain appropriate records (I)
  • Awareness of the learning activities undertaken and the ethos of the academy (I)
  • Excellent communication and listening skills (I)
  • Ability to respect and maintain confidentiality (I)
  • Working knowledge of standard computer packages (word processing, email and spreadsheets) (I)
  • Good time management and organisation skills (I)
  • Ability to use tact and demonstrate empathy and understanding with a range of visitors, students, facility users and staff (I)
  • Satisfactory Enhanced DBS (C)