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  • Delta Academies Trust
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  • Required for November 2018
    Application Closes: 24/10/2018
    Interview Date: To be arranged
    Job Length: Permanent
  • Weeks of work: 52
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 37
  • Post: ICT Manager
    Salary: I 35 - £31,401.00 to I 39 - £35,229.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Service Delivery Manager
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

To be responsible for the effective and efficient support, deployment, and monitoring of all Delta Academies Trust (Delta Trust) related equipment and related resources to ensure a robust and efficient service is provided to those with administrative, data processing and teaching and learning responsibilities across a number of Delta Trust academies.

The role is that of technical lead across a number of academies within a given region. You will primarily be working with the Core ICT team from the central head office, as well as visiting the academies you manage on a periodic/priority bases.

As part of the Delta Trust core ICT team you will join a growing dynamic team of committed technicians, engineers and support staff to deliver ICT solutions to Delta Trust academies.


Server & Network Support

  • To install, manage and ensure the maintenance of all aspects of the basic ICT hardware infrastructure requirements for the Academies
  • To install, manage and ensure the maintenance of all aspects of the basic ICT software infrastructure requirements for the Academies. This to include but not to be limited by:
  1. Software installation
  2. Disk space and printer space allocations
  3. Establishment of network shares, access rights etc.
  4. Proactive monitoring of system use/abuse

Health & Safety

  • To work with Delta Trust Core ICT, manage and monitor risk assessments as appropriate and revise relevant processes and procedures accordingly
  • To work with Delta Trust Core ICT, manage and monitor the training of all Academy staff with regard to the Health and Safety implications of ICT equipment use
  • To ensure conformity with any relevant ICT related Health and Safety issues.


Desktop & Application Support

  • To work with Delta Trust Core ICT, manage and monitor an effective and efficient Desktop and Application Support programme. This to include but not to be limited by:
    1. Software installation
    2. Device peripherals
    3. Detection, diagnostics and resolution of access issues
    4. Detection, diagnostics and resolution of application issues

Configuration and Installation

  • To work with Delta Trust Core ICT to design, develop, manage and monitor processes and procedures to ensure the effective and efficient management and deployment of system configuration and change within the Academy. This to include but not to be limited by:
    1. Installation of new and upgrades to software
    2. Installation of new and upgrades to hardware
    3. Determining access to and the storage of relevant data assets and configurations

Continuity, Maintenance & Security

  • To design, develop, manage and monitor processes and procedures to ensure the effective and efficient management of all risks associated with ICT. This to include but not to be limited by:
    1. Proactive maintenance schedules
    2. Active Director Management
    3. Backup systems
    4. Virus protection systems
    5. User access and security systems
    6. Data protection policy adherence

Support Request Management

  • To interpret, manage and monitor logging information systems in order to produce summary reports and recommend causes of action which enhance the use and effectiveness of the ICT systems
  • To prioritise the resolution of system problems and incidents and determine whether internal or external resources should be deployed in order to rectify them
  • To produce regular, timely and accurate system monitoring report information to all relevant stakeholders
  • To interpret, manage and monitor external third party service response data and summarise performance effectiveness.

Planning, Budgeting and Team Management

  • To supervise and support ICT technical staff.
  • To develop, manage and monitor the allocation of tasks amongst other support staff in a fair and equitable manner according to skill and knowledge levels
  • To contribute to the identification, management and implementation of suitable hardware and software solutions
  • To contribute to the design, development and implementation of working practices and procedures that enhance the impact of ICT services in the efficient delivery of management information and supports the learning and teaching within the Academies
  • To contribute to the financial planning, estimating and budgeting of ICT specific requirements
  • This role includes the duty to promote British values.


The nature of this role demands flexibility, creativity and innovation with regards to the needs of our academies. Additional duties may be required and these may be determined by the Director of ICT or Service Delivery Manager and you may be requested to carry out such additional activities at his/her discretion.


You may also be asked to contribute to projects outside of the cluster to support trust developments.


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e.g. This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy

Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • Knowledge and experience of Windows 7/10 & Server 2012/16 (A/I)
  • Knowledge and experience of Microsoft System Center suite (I)
  • Knowledge and experience of Network and Application security (I)
  • Knowledge and experience of Wireless networks (I)
  • Knowledge and experience of Backups and best practice (I)
  • Knowledge and experience of Group Policy (I)
  • Knowledge and experience of Networking and VLANS (I)
  • Knowledge and experience of Software packaging and deployment (I)
  • Knowledge and experience of DPM Data Backup (I)
  • High level of communication and interpersonal skills (I)
  • Have good fault finding skills and is an excellent problem-solver (I)
  • Can demonstrate good working practices in relation to the handling of ICT equipment (I)
  • Ability to work creatively with colleagues to deliver agreed outcomes and contribute effectively to team working (I)
  • Flexible and adaptable approach (I)
  • Have initiative and can work independently without excessive supervision (I)
  • Have an understanding of when to consult, make decisions and defer to others. (I)
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively to a range of different people (I)
  • Will plan, organise, prioritise and manage their own personal time effectively (I)
  • Have a positive commitment to organisational principles (I)
  • Good organisational and personal management skills (I)
  • Effective planning and teaching (I/R)
  • Effective behaviour management (I/R)
  • An ability to demand high standards (I/R)
  • Work independently and being a team player (I/R)
  • An ability to develop good working relationships with students and staff (I/R)
  • Effective time-management (I)
  • The ability to meet deadlines (I)
  • Good ICT skills (I)
  • Commitment to self and team development (I)
  • Work in ways that promote equality of opportunity, participation, diversity and responsibility. (I)
  • A commitment to abide by and promote the Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Child Protection Policies (I)
  • The holder will hold an enhanced DBS (C)
  • Must have their own transport as travelling between academies is a regular requirement (A)


  • Have a networking or computer engineering qualification at HND or higher (A/C)
  • Knowledge and experience of networking equipment such as Cisco, Merarki, HP, Aerohive (I)
  • Ability to work effectively with young people as individuals and in groups. (I)
  • Have appropriate experience in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of ICT equipment in a small or medium-sized organisation (I)
  • Experience of working within an educational establishment (I)
  • Experience of working with young people (I)