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  • Required for January 2019
    Application Closes: 22/11/2018
    Interview Date: 28th / 29th / 30th November
    Job Length: Permanent
  • Weeks of work: 52
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 37
  • Post: ICT Service Delivery Manager
    Salary: K 45 - £40,858.00 to K 50 - £45,645.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Director of ICT
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

To be professionally responsible for the management, direction, ownership and effective provision of all front line functions to ensure service availability to the customer. The role requires continued development and delivery of first class professional customer care.


Coordination of appropriate and timely responses to incident reports, including channelling requests for help to appropriate functions for resolution, monitoring resolution activity, and keeping clients appraised of progress.


The resolution of incidents and problems throughout the information system lifecycle, including classification, prioritisation and initiation of action, documentation of root causes and implementation of remedies.




Delta has a core set of standards for staff:


  • Motivate, & Develop, Teams, Individuals and Self
  • Manage Staff Performance
  • Promote Cohesion and Celebrate Diversity
  • Improve Service Delivery
  • Manage Projects
  • Promote Customer Focus
  • Effective and Efficient Communication
  • Solve Problems and Make Decisions
  • Work with Partners and Members


These standards have been developed to clearly define the desired skills, competencies and behaviours which we expect from all our staff.  They are fully aligned with our organisational goals, having been mapped against the Delta values and aspirational culture.


Technical / Professional responsibilities:


The post holder also has the following responsibilities in the effective delivery of the ICT service:


Service Level Management - The planning, implementation, control, review and audit of service provision, to meet customer business requirements. This includes monitoring of service level agreements, and seeking continually and proactively to improve service delivery.


Service Desk; Incident & Problem management - The processing and coordination of appropriate and timely responses to incident reports, including channelling requests for help to appropriate functions for resolution, monitoring resolution activity, and keeping clients appraised of progress. Monitoring Incident trends and volumes and recognising and reacting to problems when they occur.


Change Management – Employ change management for major upgrades and changes to internal and external systems and services. Act as liaison point to communicate with the business and ensure all stakeholders are involved and appropriately updated.


Capacity Planning - The management of the capability of resources to meet current and forecast business needs in a cost effective manner. This includes dealing with both long-term changes and short-term variations in the level of demand.


Resource Management - Ensures the overall resource management of the IT workforce to enable effective service delivery. Provision of advice on any aspect of acquiring IT resources – employees, consultants or contractors.


Emerging Technology Monitoring - The identification of new and emerging hardware, software and communication technologies and products, services, methods and techniques and the assessment of their relevance and potential value to an organisation. The promotion of emerging technology awareness among staff and business management.


IT Management - The management of the IT infrastructure and resources required to plan for, develop, deliver and support properly-engineered IT services and products to meet the needs of a business. The preparation for new or changed services, management of the change process and the maintenance of regulatory, legal and professional standards. The management of performance of systems and services in relation to their contribution to business performance. The management of bought-in services including, for example, public network, virtual private network and outsourced services. The development of continual service improvement plans to ensure the IT infrastructure adequately supports business needs


Service Management - Creates and maintains the Service Catalogue of available services. Engaging with business units to understand their requirements and enhance their capability to recognise and exploit new business opportunities provided by new ICT products and services. Ensures that all services provided meet the business requirements and deliver best value for the commissioning organisation. Ensures that service providers adhere to the agreed service management approach and timetable and that they provide the appropriate information to agreed targets of timelines and accuracy. Reviews service delivery performance problems and initiates actions to improve levels of service. Produces reports as appropriate for portfolio governance, including making recommendations for changes to the portfolio. Establishes and maintains service management procedures and facilities in assigned area of responsibility and reviews them regularly for effectiveness and efficiency.


Project Co-ordination – To co-ordinate the provision and support with guidance on project management processes, procedures, tools and techniques.  The development, production and maintenance of time, resource, cost and exception plans.  The tracking and reporting of progress and performance of projects.  The administration of project change control, including use of configuration management systems.

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Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • Ability to work with and promote the ITIL framework in the working environment. (I)
  • Experience of ensuring that service delivery is monitored effectively and that identified actions to maintain or improve levels of service are implemented. (I)
  • Plans and manages implementation of processes and procedures, tools and techniques for monitoring and managing the performance of automated systems and services, in respect of their contribution to business performance and benefits to the business, wher (I)
  • Identifies and manages resources needed for the planning, development and delivery of specified information and communications systems services and products. (I)
  • Ability to identify new service opportunities, providing input to the definition of services and maintaining service component information. (I)
  • Ability to monitor and review all service management / service delivery processes, and ensure there are effective, supported by comprehensive reporting. (I)
  • Ability to evaluate changes to service management practices and initiate improvement to the organisation's practices. (I)
  • Experience of ensuring that management processes, are in place to ensure that the transition of services, service components and packages are planned and configuration management are partnered in all release and deployment activities. (I)
  • Ability to ensure that service providers adhere to the agreed service management approach and timetable and that they provide the appropriate information to agreed targets of timelines and accuracy. (I)
  • Experience of reviewing service delivery performance problems and initiating actions to improve levels of service. (I)
  • Experience of identifying and managing the resources needed for the planning, development and delivery of specified information and communications systems services and products. (I)
  • Able to make a significant contribution to the overall workforce planning strategy across the ICT service; ensuring that there is adequate skilled resource to meet planned service delivery. (I)
  • Experience of defining, documenting and carrying out projects, actively participating in all phases. (I)
  • Experience of managing the change control procedure, and ensuring that project deliverables are completed within planned cost, timescale and resource budgets, and are signed off. (I)
  • Ability to provide effective leadership to a project team, and take appropriate action where team performance deviates from agreed tolerances. (I)
  • Experience of setting and maintaining the service management approach across the IT function. (I)
  • Ability to takes responsibility for the control, update and distribution of quality standards, and advice on their use. (I)
  • Defines and reviews quality and environmental systems. Ensures that adequate technology, procedures and resources are in place to support the quality system. (I)
  • Experience of developing, reviewing and constructively criticising ideas, possibly leading a small research team, making necessary observations and tests and carrying them through to a full practical demonstration, wherever viable and feasible. (I)
  • Ability to contribute to research goals and build on and refine appropriate outline ideas for the evaluation, development, demonstration and implementation of research. (I)
  • Experience of using available resources to gain an up-to-date knowledge of any relevant IT field. Reporting on work carried out and contributing sections of material of publication quality. (I)
  • Ability to contribute to research plans and identify appropriate opportunities for publication and dissemination of research findings. (I)
  • Experience of leading and motivating a team to achieve results. (I)
  • Ability to contribute effectively to setting the vision for the division. (I)
  • Experience of leading on change initiatives with successful results. (I)
  • Ability to balance competing priorities and using effective delegation techniques. (I)
  • Experience of setting and agreeing performance targets for staff, ensuring the quality of the process within area of remit. (I)
  • Experience of dealing effectively with poor performance. (I)
  • Ability to work within the Delta’s Equality and Diversity Policy both in employment and service delivery. Able to provide advice and guidance to junior staff on this policy. (I)
  • Experience of making a significant contribution to the service/business planning process. (I)
  • Extensive knowledge of the public sector and the challenges facing local government. (I)
  • Experience of reporting on team performance including making recommendations as necessary. (I)
  • Ability to contribute to the setting of Delta policy in a constructive and effective manner. (I)
  • Extensive experience in the recruitment and effective deployment of staff. (I)
  • Experience of managing significant budgets for both income and expenditure (I)
  • Ability to work within the governance arrangement of the division and the Delta and to provide advice and guidance to other staff on their application. (I)
  • Ability to work on own initiative and take accountability for area of responsibility. (I)
  • Experience of developing and sustaining constructive working relationships both internal and external. (I)
  • Experience of influencing and negotiating with senior officers. (I)
  • Experience of delivering effective presentations in order to generate interest in goods and/or services. (I)
  • The post holder will require an enhanced DBS (I)
  • The post holder will require their own transport to travel around the group (I)
  • Degree and/or appropriate Professional Qualification preferred. (A/C)