Senior Director of English - Internal applicants only

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  • Required for April 2019
    Application Closes: 29/03/2019
    Interview Date: To be confirmed
    Job Length: Secondment opportunity to 31 August 2020 in the first instance
  • Weeks of work: 39
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 32.5
  • Post: Senior Director of English - Internal applicants only
    Salary: 15 - £56,434.00 to 15 - £56,434.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Executive Director of English
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

*This is an internal vacancy and applications are welcomed from current Directors of English only*

The Senior Director of English will lead a team of Directors of English. The Senior Director will plan the deployment of the Directors of English based on the evaluation of need and analysis of risk in Academies. The Senior Director, with the Director of Education, will direct the work of Subject Directors and provide professional leadership and direction for the subject team across all areas of their work. The role of the Senior Director of English is outlined below.

The Senior Director of English leads a team of lead professionals that take responsibility for the quality of individual subject provision, curriculum teaching and assessment. Senior Directors of subject are jointly accountable for subject performance improvement, attainment and progress in their discreet subject areas. The Senior Director of English will work across the Trust Academies, and have a target group of assigned Academies in a geographical area where they work closely with the Senior Leadership and Subject Leadership Teams to accelerate improvement and raise standards. Directors of Subject plan and teach high quality lessons, deliver intervention programmes and challenge and support subject teams to achieve stretching targets for outcomes. Subject Directors lead the analysis of performance data to ensure that students are appropriately targeted for support and work across the Trust to ensure consistency of subject quality and delivery throughout the network of Academies.

For an informal discussion about this position, please call Jane Marshall, Senior Director of English, on 07791 546409.


Duties and Responsibilities will include:

To lead and direct the team of English Directors

To promote and be committed to the Delta Academies Trust’s aims and objectives

To take accountability for Group wide standards of progress and achievement in English

To lead the development of improvement strategies for English

To promote and be committed to securing high expectations for learning and the raising of achievement within our academies.

To lead with the effective operation of English teams by, individually and with others to:

  • deliver highly effective teaching and impactful intervention
  • design curriculum plans appropriate to curricular and exam board requirements
  • developing schemes of work, resources, teaching and learning strategies
  • mark work, assess, record and report student progress
  • provide a stimulating learning environment
  • have due regard for maintaining health and safety and security in the area s/he uses
  • contribute to department and academy enrichment programmes
  • contributing to review, monitoring and evaluation and the development of working practices
  • participating in working groups and projects
  • taking part in other professional development activities

Working with the English departments in Delta Trust academies to improve attainment, classroom practice, and professional development;

  • leading the English teams as a model of outstanding teaching
  • raising student aspirations at all levels.
  • raising attainment across the department through leading improvements in teaching and learning

Working with other teachers on classroom organisation and teaching methods/providing model lessons;

  • leading continuing professional development activities
  • holding workshops on classroom management, differentiation
  • pace and challenge, co-coaching
  • matching teaching approaches to student learning styles
  • demonstrating model lessons
  • team teaching
  • developing strategies with colleagues to use with students experiencing difficulties
  • keeping abreast of the new teaching and learning strategies
  • identifying educational research to enhance existing practices
  • developing action planning based on the needs of the department

Producing high quality teaching materials:

  • updating existing and create new schemes of work and supporting their introduction
  • leading the introduction of new technologies, such as video conferencing, white board technology, the internet and the academy learning platform
  • sharing good practice with members of staff


Advising on Professional Development;

  • designing and delivering professional development activities
  • participating in the planning and delivery of focused in-service training days

Helping teachers experiencing difficulties;

  • observing and feeding back on the teaching of colleagues experiencing difficulties
  • providing a structured programme of advice and support
  • give constructive criticism


If required, mentoring Newly Qualified Teachers;

  • providing a weekly discussion and overseeing personal action planning

Initial Teacher Training:

  • providing exemplar lessons for trainee teachers
  • contributing to the assessment of students’ teaching practice
  • participating in the training of teachers within teacher training institutions
  • acting as mentor to trainee teachers


  • provide workshops for students on key borderline grades
  • provide targeted support for disaffected or more able students
  • support strategies for helping particular groups such as underachieving boys

Other specific duties


  • To undertake any other duty as specified by the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document not mentioned in the above
  • To comply with any reasonable request from a manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in the job description

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e.g. This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy

Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • Graduate with qualified teacher status (A/C)
  • An awareness of current issues in English education (A/I)
  • Knowledge of national curriculum requirements at KS3 (A/I)
  • Knowledge of courses and requirements at KS4 and KS5 (A/I)
  • Understanding of use of data to assess and inform teaching and learning (I)
  • Outstanding record as a Leader of English (A/I/R)
  • An excellent classroom practitioner that can model best practise (I/R)
  • Teach intervention groups at KS3 and KS4 (A/I)
  • Excellent classroom practitioner (A/I/R)
  • Good organisational and personal management skills (A/I)
  • Effective planning and teaching (A/I/R)
  • Effective behaviour/classroom management (A/I/R)
  • An ability to demand high standards (A/I/R)
  • Ability to lead a high performing team (A/I/R)
  • Ability to work independently and be a team player (A/I/R)
  • Ability to develop and support other staff to develop a variety of teaching strategies (A/I/R)
  • Ability to enthuse and direct students and staff towards raising expectations and levels of achievement (A/I/R)
  • The ability to meet deadlines (A/I)
  • Good ICT skills (A)
  • Flexible and committed to work across our group of partnership schools (A/I)
  • Takes the initiative (I/R)
  • Is self-motivated (I/R)
  • Work in ways that promote equality of opportunity, participation, diversity and responsibility (A/I)
  • A commitment to abide by and promote the Delta Academies Trust Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Child Protection Policies (A/I)
  • A commitment to the ethos and values of the Delta Academies Trust (A/I)
  • To display a responsible and co-operative attitude to working towards the achievement of the Delta Academies Trust aims and objectives (A/I)
  • An ability to respect sensitive and confidential work (I)
  • Commitment to own personal development and learning (I)
  • Regular use of a car for business purposes (expenses reimbursed) (A)
  • The post holder will require an enhanced DBS (C)


  • Hold AST / SLE status or equivalent (A/I)
  • Experience of exam board English marking (A/I)
  • Experience of leading, developing and enhancing the teaching practice of other staff (A/I)
  • Experience as a Senior Leader, e.g. Assistant Principal/AST (A/R)
  • Experience of teaching A level English (A/I)
  • Relevant management experience (A/I)