Personal Learning Centre (PLC) Manager

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  • Darton Academy
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  • Required for April 2019
    Application Closes: 29/03/2019
    Interview Date: TBA
    Job Length: Permanent
  • Weeks of work: 39
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 37
  • Post: Personal Learning Centre (PLC) Manager
    Salary: F 23 - £21,693.00 to F 26 - £23,866.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Inclusion Co-ordinator
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

To co-ordinate the personalised learning support to promote the learning and welfare of vulnerable students. To manage the PLC centre.


  1. To identify cohorts of students for the alternative curriculum by liaising with the relevant curriculum leaders
  2. To deliver alternative courses relevant to cohorts of students to provide them with relevant qualifications
  3. To liaise with external agencies to find appropriate pathways for the students involved, to ensure the vulnerable students are provided with the best possible education
  4. To liaise with parents to improve student’s behaviour, self-esteem, achievement, attainment and aspirations
  5. To establish, develop and maintain effective and supportive mentoring and other supportive relationships with children and young people and those engaged with them
  6. To manage the supervision of vulnerable students with specialist intervention such as sexual health and anger management
  7. To contribute to the comprehensive assessment of children and young people entering educational establishments and the review of their progress and achievements; working collaboratively with specialist support services and school staff
  8. To support the sharing of information between local agencies, schools, authorities and learning mentors, and be the single point of contact for accessing a range of community and business based programmes and specialist support services (e.g. Education Welfare Service, the Probation and Youth Offending Service, etc.)
  9. To work collaboratively with local agencies, The Bridge, training providers, etc. to offer complementary programmes of support for students in school where applicable
  10. To develop, agree and implement a time bound action plan with groups and individual students and those involved with them based on a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and needs, developing SMART targets and activities to remove barriers to learning
  11. To support, direct and encourage students to undertake further education, apprenticeships or employment after compulsory education
  12. Comply with the Academy policies and procedures at all times


To undertake other reasonable duties (with competence and experience) as requested, in accordance with the changing needs of the organisation.


Personal Contacts


External               Contractors, Suppliers, parents and external agency professionals

Internal                                Students, staff, EAB members, parents and any other visitors to the Academy


This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy.

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e.g. This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy

Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • Grade C or above in both English and Maths, or equivalent (A/C)
  • Recognised and relevant vocational qualification (NVQ level 3) and/or equivalent practical work experience (A/I/C)
  • Willingness and ability to obtain and/or enhance qualifications and training for development in the post. (A/I)
  • Working in a school environment (A/I)
  • Issues affecting students and young people and how to offer supportive assistance (A/I)
  • Excellent communication and listening skills (A/I)
  • Ability to respect and maintain confidentiality (A/I)
  • Working knowledge of standard computer packages (word processing, email and spreadsheets) (A/I)
  • Good time management and organisation skills (A/I)
  • Ability to work with students and have a real interest in the issues faced by this age group (A/I)
  • Satisfactory Enhanced DBS (C)


  • Basic first aid (A/I)