Examination Invigilator

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  • Serlby Park Academy
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  • Required for May 2019
    Application Closes: 25/04/2019
    Interview Date: 29/04/2019
    Job Length: Casual
  • Post Is Part Time
    Hours of work: As and when required
  • Post: Examination Invigilator
    Salary: C 12 - £17,173.00 to C 16 - £18,319.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Exams and Data Clerk
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

To oversee and supervise examinations and to ensure that guidelines and regulations for the integrity and security of the examination papers and procedures are followed during examination sessions.


  1. To prepare the examination room according to the requirements of the examination board (distributing papers and preparing associated materials).
  2. To supervise candidates in a quiet and unobtrusive manner to ensure examination board regulations are strictly observed.
  3. To provide assistance to candidates during examinations (e.g. enable them to find their allocated seats quietly and efficiently or answering enquiries during examination sessions).
  4. To assist in the efficient timekeeping of examinations.
  5. To deal with any minor behaviour issues in line with the academy policy, reporting any breaches of examination code of conduct to the supervising teacher/invigilator/examinations officer immediately.
  6. To maintain the security of the examination papers and/or candidate scripts before, between and following the examination.
  7. To ensure the examination room is clear and tidied for the next session and that equipment is fully stocked.
  8. To comply with the Academy’s Child Safeguarding Procedures, including regular liaison with the Academy’s Designated Child Safeguarding Person over any safeguarding issues or concerns
  9. To comply with the Academy policies and procedures at all times
  10. To start and finish examinations in the room they are allocated to. Clearly reading the examination instructions and ensuring all candidates understand.


To undertake other reasonable duties (with competence and experience) as requested, in accordance with the changing needs of the organisation.


Personal Contacts

Internal                                Students, staff

This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy.


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e.g. This job description may be subject to change, following consultation between the post holder and the Academy

Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • Willing to take part in the staff development plan by participating in arrangements for further training and development (A/I)
  • A good standard of basic education (A/I)
  • Working in a school or learning environment (A/I)
  • Understanding of relevant policies and procedures (A/I)
  • Understanding of Health and Safety policy (A/I)
  • Excellent relationships with members of staff and students (A/I)
  • Flexibility with regards to working hours during examination periods (A/I)
  • Good organisational and personal management skills (A/I)
  • Ability to work independently or within a team (A/I)
  • Basic knowledge of first aid (A/I)
  • Satisfactory Enhanced DBS (C)
  • Reliable (A/I/R)