Higher Level Teaching Assistant

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  • The Parks Academy
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  • Required for September 2019
    Application Closes: 19/06/2019
    Interview Date: Week commencing 24th June 2019
    Job Length: Fixed term to Easter 2020
  • Weeks of work: 39
    Days of work: 5
    Hours of work: 30
  • Post: Higher Level Teaching Assistant
    Salary: F 14 - £22,462.00 to F 19 - £24,799.00 Pro-rata
    Responsible to: Head of Academy
About Delta Academies Trust

Purpose of the job:

To compliment teachers’ delivery of the curriculum and contribute to the development of other support staff, students and academy policies and strategies. To work collaboratively with teaching staff and assist teachers in the whole planning cycle and the management/preparation of resources. To supervise whole classes during the short term absence of teachers. To provide support to students, teachers and the academy in order to raise standards of achievement for all, by utilising advanced levels of knowledge and skills when assisting with planning, monitoring, assessing and managing classes and to encourage students to become independent learners, to provide support for their welfare, and to support the inclusion of students in all aspects of academy life.


  • To plan and prepare lessons with teachers, participating in all stages of the planning cycle, including lesson planning, evaluating and adjusting lessons/plans
  • To develop and prepare resources for learning activities in accordance with lesson plans and in response to student need
  • To contribute to the planning of opportunities for students to learn in out-of-school contexts in line with academy policies and procedures
  • To teach whole classes covering PPA, within an agreed system of supervision and within a pre-determined lesson framework
  • To provide detailed verbal and written feedback on lesson content, student responses to learning activities and student behaviour to teachers and students
  • To motivate and progress students’ learning by using clearly structured, interesting teaching and learning activities
  • To be familiar with lesson plans, IEP targets and learning objectives
  • To be aware of and support difference and ensure all students have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop
  • To promote and support the inclusion of students, including those with specific needs, both in learning activities and within the classroom
  • To use behaviour management strategies in line with the academy’s behaviour policy to contribute to a purposeful learning environment and encourages students to interact and work cooperatively with others
  • To progress students’ learning in a range of classroom settings, in accordance with arrangements made by the Principal, including working with individuals, small groups and whole classes where the assigned teacher is not present
  • To organise and safely manage the appropriate learning environment and resources
  • To promote and reinforce student self-esteem and independence and employ strategies to recognise and reward achievement and self-reliance
  • To assist the teacher in encouraging acceptance and integration of students with special needs, or from different cultures and/or with English as an additional language
  • To support the role of parents in students’ learning and contribute to/lead meetings with parents to provide constructive feedback on student progress, achievement and behaviour, maintaining sensitivity and confidentiality at all times
  • To work with teachers, to evaluate students’ progress through a range of assessment activities
  • To assess students’ responses to learning tasks and where appropriate, modify methods to meet individual and/or group needs
  • To monitor student participation and progress and provide constructive feedback to students in relation to their progress and achievement
  • To contribute to programmes of observation and assessment as planned by the teacher and provide reports, evaluations and other information to assist in the provision of appropriate support for specific children
  • To understand and implement academy policies and procedures
  • To provide support for students’ pastoral needs
  • To provide physical support and maintain personal equipment used by students at the academy
  • To foster and maintain constructive and supportive relationships with parents/carers, exchanging appropriate information, facilitating their support for their child’s attendance, access and learning, and supporting home to school and community links
  • To supervise students at times other than during lessons according to the academy’s duty arrangements
  • To support teaching staff and students on visits, trips and out of school activities as required
  • To assist teachers by receiving instructions directly from professional or specialist support staff involved in the student’s education. These may include social workers, health visitors, language support staff, speech therapists, educational therapists, educational psychologists and physiotherapists.
  • To undertake other reasonable duties (with competence and experience) as requested, in accordance with the changing needs of the organisation.

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Experience and Knowledge

Key: A = Application, I = Interview And Assessment, R = Reference, C = Certificate


  • A recognised and relevant vocational qualification (NVQ3) as well as having or working towards the Higher Level Teaching Assistant qualification and/or equivalent practical work experience
  • GCSE grade C or above, or equivalent, in Maths and English
  • Previous experience of working effectively with young people preferably in a school setting
  • Basic knowledge of ICT
  • Experience of implementing national curriculum and relevant strategies
  • Working knowledge of policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection
  • Good communication skills both oral and written
  • Can use ICT effectively to support learning
  • Ability to build positive relationships with all stakeholders
  • Ability to work constructively as part of a team
  • Commitment to self and team development
  • Work in ways that promote equality of opportunity, participation, diversity and responsibility
  • A commitment to abide by and promote the Academy’s Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Child Protection Policies
  • A professional responsibility to promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young people
  • The post holder will require an enhanced DBS


  • Understanding of local and national teaching strategies e.g. literacy