About Us

Delta Academies Trust is a not for profit charitable organisation that is committed to changing outcomes for children in the academies it sponsors and the wider education system. We are a teaching school, training teachers, school leaders and other professionals who work with children.

Delta Academies Trust firmly believes that an outstanding education should be the right of every child and should not be determined by the place you live. The Trust will strive to ensure that all pupils and pupils in our academies attend an outstanding school.

We are determined that local children can attend a local school and we will place those children who need extra help first in our admissions policy.

In our family of academies, we currently have a range of educational provision that includes:

  • Infant, Junior, Primary
  • Secondary
  • Alternative Provision
  • Pupil Referral Unit

Delta places at the heart of its school improvement a commitment to high quality professional development for all staff who join the Trust. We understand that by investing in our staff we will create an organisation with a shared vision and values that will transform education for the children and young people we serve.

Vision 'Changing Lives'

Mission Statement

To improve educational outcomes for communities in the North of England, creating a sustainable organisation that improves our society and wider environment.


  1. To ensure high quality sustained performance and educational outcomes for all Delta academies.
  2. To operate a financially sustainable organisation, characterised by high value for money.
  3. To collaborate with others to establish a Northern Alliance of powerful MATs and other stake holders that will transform educational outcomes in the North of England.
  4. To develop high quality education leadership to enhance the capacity to drive improvement.
  5. To train and develop high quality teachers and staff.
  6. To create a generation of young people who are socially and environmentally responsible.
  7. To ensure that young people are confident, employable and have the knowledge and skills to challenge received wisdom.

Core Values

We will:

  • Place children and pupils at the heart of everything we do.
  • Place collaboration before competition, working with others for the betterment of all.
  • Develop and support professionals in our own and other academies and schools to establish practice that improves lives.
  • Ensure that all children make good progress irrespective of their starting point and those young people facing disadvantage are lifted from educational poverty.
  • Never do anything to the detriment of learners, staff or other stakeholders, in a neighbouring community.
  • Adhere to the 'Seven Principles of Public Life'.
  • Promote environmental awareness and protection locally, natioally and globally.